Are you ready to get intimately reacquainted with your body and gain a new love and appreciation for its curves and shapes and the truly beautiful and surprising ways in which it can move?


Or perhaps you are looking for a body-positive, non-competitive dance school for your child; affordable, down to earth and family orientated classes that allow your child to develop a unique and expressive dancing soul, encouraging them to be themselves rather than conform to rigid structures, competition and uniformity.


Are you looking for a fun way to get your mind and body moving and enhance your well-being all while connecting with a community of supportive, like minded women?


Are you keen to strengthen your core, fine tune your balance and correct your posture as a natural by-product of learning the technique of this exciting dance style?

At Soul Dance we offer comprehensive beginner to advanced professional level classes in our Bellydance and Mozaik Global Fusion (Romany-inspired) styles which are enjoyed by all different ages, shapes, sizes and abilities - and sometimes even the guys! We aim to empower students through dance immersion in an inclusive, uplifting and friendly community!

Our classes focus on providing authentic, culturally rich experiences in an informal, no pressure environment. At Soul Dance we pride ourselves in our high quality classes that balance social connections & fun with the superb technique & cultural grounding that is essential for a well-rounded dance education! Our award winning teachers have over 40 years of combined experience in researching, performing and teaching these gorgeous dances, and have traveled extensively to Egypt and beyond for ongoing professional development and training.

So whether you are just looking to come to classes for fun, fitness and friendships or wanting to set your sights on joining our professional performance troupes, you will find a niche perfect for you!

We currently offer two streams:
Bellydance and Mozaik Global Fusion Style


The enchanting, earthy dance style of the Middle East. Get your hips swaying to breathtaking melodies from far away lands. Learn a dance style, full of surprising technique and nuance, from your toes to your hair, that will enable your very soul to break free and express your inner-most self.

Mozaik Global Fusion Style

Mozaik offers a blend of the incredibly rich and intriguing dances of the Silk Road from India to Andalucia. The result is an original celebration of eastern dance that features fiery skirt work, graceful arms and hands and energetic foot work sometimes combined with Sword Dance and at other times, the single, giant Fan Veil.

Junior Classes ‘Kidz of the Kazbah’

Body acceptance, love, and respect for diversity are perhaps the most valuable lessons for junior students of our magical dance! Our children’s classes* offer both boys and girls the joys of dancing without the stress of levels, exams and competitions (don't they get enough of that from school?)

Just like the grown ups in the school, our little dancers are able to work towards actively taking part in all our performance troupes even at professional level if that’s what they aspire to. In this way, junior dancers are provided with motivating challenges and goals, with their ‘personal best’ and goals the only criteria they need to meet.

*Kidz of the Kazbah learn both Mozaik and Bellydance streams

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