Ozgen Master Workshops

Ozgen in Queensland

Saturday 18th

Authentic Turkish Roman

10am – 12pm

Join one of the masters of the style for his comprehensive take on dancing to the 9/8 music of the Gypsies of Turkey. Ozgen has a first hand account of the culture of Roman people in Turkey, which he will discuss before breaking down and drilling the signature gestures, techniques and steps that make this style unique in the world. Ozgen will let us in on more of the mysterious meanings behind the many gestures where possible.

Turkish Oryantal Pop

1pm – 3pm

Are you ready for some fun? Taking one of the latest massive hits on the Turkish charts, Ozgen presents this fun and cheeky cabaret choreography using moves and gestures that closely adhere to the lyrics in the song. The finished product will be full of expression and story-telling, guaranteed to thrill dancers and audience alike.

Sunday 19th

Classical Turkish Oryantal

10:30am – 12:30pm

Classical Turkish Oryantal – What makes Turkish Bellydance different to the styles of Egypt and Lebanon? In this workshop, Ozgen will begin by dicussing the history of Oryantal dance in Turkey and the characteristics and traditions that make it identifiable as specifically ‘Turkish’. We will then learn Ozgen’s dramatic sequences and expressive techniques to create an elegant, emotional choreography in the Turkish style to a rich, classical song.

Dark Roman Gypsy fusion

1:30pm – 3:30pm

“Caterpillar” from Beats Antique, provides the dramatic foundation on which Ozgen will build this dark fusion of signature Turkish Gypsy steps and Tribal dance flavors. You will learn exquisite sequences and gain confidence in applying your dancing to the challenging 9/8 rhythm.


Soul Dance is producing an exclusive performance evening on May 18th that will headline Ozgen with a number of the finest dance acts Queensland has to offer in middle-eastern and Romany (Gypsy) styles. It will be held at the theatre hall of Undurba State School in Murrumba Downs. Performers to be announced soon.


“If you get the chance to see or study with this incredible dancer - don’t even think about it - JUST DO IT!”
Princess Farhana (Gilded Serpent)

Finally, a Turkish Master in Brisbane! Ozgen has been specialising in Oryantal and Roman Gypsy dance for the last 15 years after an extensive dance background of performance and teaching in contemporary, jazz, ballroom, ballet and Turkish folk genres. Now an acclaimed director, choreographer and master teacher, Ozgen is in demand throughout the world to perform and teach the Turkish forms of Bellydance and Romani Gypsy dance.

Ozgen’s teaching is clear, precise and infused with information about the cultural contexts of the movements and dances he teaches. His workshops are full of light-hearted analogies and humor with his charming and cheeky personality making the experience not only educational but relaxed and down-to-earth. Also, taking to the stage while in Brisbane, Ozgen is the consummate performer enrapturing audiences with astounding technique and yet total surrender to the music and the moment.

Posted 07 March 2013