La Boheme Gothique

This troupe is currently on an indefinite break, however we had so much fun in this troupe, we are leaving the page as part of our website.

The genre of ‘Gothic’ dance is edgy, experimental and contemporary. Its ambience is heavy, dark, mysterious and powerful. Most gothic dance echoes the American Tribal Style® of belly dance but Soul Dance’s “La Boheme” is a child of Orientale.

A word on the development of non-traditional forms of belly dance — In 1987 an American dancer, Carolina Nericcio began dancing and teaching her own unique blend of belly dance moves. The style, philosophy and intent was so very ‘different’ to regular belly dance that it was eventually named “American Tribal Style®” or ATS®.

It took the belly dance world by storm. Then dancers began taking ATS® and fusing it with other movements. “Tribal Fusion” became the next big thing. From Tribal Fusion, Gothic belly dance was born as were other genres. It seems the last decade has seen so many talented dancers blazing new trails through the dance world. ATS® was the first; it seemed to be the springboard from which belly dance has spread its wings and leapt into the unknown where anything and everything is possible.

So this has lead to the dramatic and shadowy stage on which “La Boheme” now dances. The class is open to intermediate and advanced dancers who are ready to open their minds, bodies and souls to new horizons.