The Soul of Egypt Tour

Unlike other tours, the Soul of Egypt Tours give you the “whole” incredible country from its historic treasures to its music and dance to the culture of the Egyptian people.


Get off the beaten track where the real adventures happen and where the real soul of Egypt is found. We do Egypt in depth, providing the time and experiences for you to relax and really absorb the essence of each city. No rushed, ‘bare-bones’ itineraries here!

The Soul Of Egypt Tour, now in its 11th year, is your gateway to the real Egypt with all its beauty and contradictions. You will have saved hard for this trip of a lifetime so don't miss anything Egypt has to offer! We don't stick to the tourist trail and we don't corral you into places and experiences that will only give you a partial impression of this complex country. While the tour is sprinkled with touches of luxury, we still seek out the back streets of Cairo, we learn to cook Egyptian food in a village in Luxor and we sit with local women and children in Aswan learning their handicrafts, sharing mint tea and receiving henna tattoos.

We see the all the very best historic sites from Egypt's Roman, Christian, Islamic, Medieval and Colonial sites to the Ancient wonders - Pyramids, Valley of the Kings, Temples, Tombs and Museums (the brand new Grand Museum is due to open in time for the 2020 tour!!!)

Months before departure your adventure starts as Margaret begins preparing you to take on Egypt with your eyes and hearts wide open. Preparation is everything! We talk about cultural expectations, the language, how to bargain like a pro, find your way around, look after your health and your peace of mind. We love Egypt and we want you to love it too!

From the first day of the itinerary you will have at your personal disposal, 24 hours a day, both Margaret and Egyptian husband, Hamada as your expert tour leaders helping you navigate your way through Egypt. We will organise those extra things you want to do and decipher the multitude of cultural experiences as they present during our time together.

Special Interests Are Our Special Interest...

As there will be many dancers and music enthusiasts on our tour we facilitate extra private lessons with master teachers of your choice helping you with negotiations, studio hire and transportation. We do include a standard 4 -workshop dance package as an optional extra part of our tour;- we study Nubian in Aswan, Ghawazee and Saiidi in Luxor and Cabaret in Cairo. We also provide a multitude of shopping opportunities for instruments, costumes or whatever your heart desires - we will help you find it! For those seeking the Cairo night life we have have that covered too!

For those seeking personal transformations or healing, Egypt is renowned for it, Many of our travellers report their trip has changed their lives allowing personal breakthroughs, watershed moments and decision making. Throughout history people have pilgrimaged to Egypt for healing and clarity. Margaret ensures her tour inspires awe and reflection and includes the soul-moving experiences that can allow this transformation to happen.

Please Note we spend extra quality time getting to experience Aswan and Luxor (Hamada's home towns) rather than corralling you onto a Nile Cruiser. While the Cruisers are relaxing, they are little more than floating hotels that provide a limited and rushed way to explore the places they dock. The Soul Of Egypt Tour allows you to enjoy the luxury of the Cruiser without sacrificing genuine time to get to know Aswan and Luxor - we refuse to take the lazy way out. That's the Soul Of Egypt difference.

For the full 17 and/or 21 Day itineraries featuring Aswan, Luxor, Dahab, Cairo and Nile Cruise please contact us for more information. EXTRA BONUS! We have timed the tour to finish the day before world famous bellydance festival, Ahlan Wa Sahlan begins.

Bookings now open for the Nov 2020 Soul Of Egypt Tour! Secure your spot today in our 17 or 21 day option. Your deposit secures your place so please message or email for more information

  • Aswan, Cairo, Luxor, bolt-on Abu Simbel, Dahab, Siwa (dependent on tour)
  • Beautifully illustrated Guided Journal to accompany your trip
  • All the best ancient and Islamic historic attractions including the Pyramids, Valley of the Kings and too many others to list here
  • 4 and 5 star accommodation in hotels with the best locations and best atmospheres
  • 5 star level of care, service, and transportation from Egypt's finest award-winning tour operators
  • All transportation, entrance fees, accommodation and most meals
  • Personally guided shopping tours
  • Photoshoot opportunities
  • Non-tourist bazaars and cultural activities
  • Folkloric music and dance shows
  • Dance lessons* - Folk and Cabaret Styles by master teachers
  • Felucca Retreat on the Nile and 5 star Nile cruise
  • Dendara Temple
  • Extensive Pre-tour Travel, Cultural and Language Coaching
  • Passionate tour leaders and guides who are in love with Egypt and want you to fall in love too.
  • And many more experiences too numerous to list...

*Please note that Dance Lessons are at extra cost and can be replaced with Music/Drum Lessons if you are a musician, not a dancer.

*Does not include international airfare or tipping*