The Studio

901 Dayboro Rd, Whiteside

Our studio is within the grounds of Old Petrie Town, which is on Dayboro Road, Whiteside. Once inside the grounds it can be little confusing, so a few extra instructions might help...

The Soul Dance Studio is in a little, heritage listed, 100 year old church which used to be called “St Thomas’s Chapel”. When you turn into Old Petrie Town from Dayboro Road (on your left as you drive toward Dayboro) please follow the little road as it curves around to the right. Drive about 50 metres on this little road and turn into a even littler road to the left just past the big Pub/Hotel building on your left. You will see the little chapel building as soon as you turn into this second road. You can park in this little road and walk across to the chapel. You will know you have found us as the chapel has a very large “Soul Dance” written above the door.

The first time coming to our studio, we suggest you allow an extra 10 minutes to find us.